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Gina Torres at the ALMA awards interviewing with Telemundo

i love that she hit them with the it’s Telemundo why are we speaking in English though.

because she knows why.

she knows the assumption.


She did that so smooth though.

because she’s a smooth motherfucker!


i swear you could see “mhmmm, got yo ass” written all over her face.

They weren’t ready for her

La reina!!!

…and that, lovelies, is how you put people in their place, effortlessly. Class act.

pero, ella sabe. 

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Latina Woman Working Four Part-Time Jobs Dies in Car While Trying to Nap →





I added the Latina part. I know Maria Fernandes struggle. it is my struggle. it’s probably some of yours too. remember this when folks say working poor don’t work hard enough and that’s why we are poor. 

i don’t think she’s latina she’s a portuguese immigrant according to an article. . but still this is something that is a struggle for a lot of immigrants and a lot of latin@s living in america shit like this happens all the time it’s so sad

people are this stupid to think portuguese people are latinos im actually screaming of course misinformed social justice bloggers are going to use this case for their own benefit and agenda but w/e maybe when they realize shes white they’ll just stop caring about her im sleep tho :)

no you freak the original article linked doesn’t list the fact that she’s portuguese the op just assumed she was bc of her name. I looked it up myself (multiple articles) to see what her ethnicity was bc just “latina” didn’t sit right with me. and yes it’s a tragedy when it happens to anyone ofc but stuff like this happens to latin@ immigrants pretty much daily especially those who are undocumented citizens. . it’s not just pushing something towards their “agenda” it was literally just an effort to bring this problem that so many latin@s living in america face to light (that was admittedly misguided)

but sadly if this was say central american immigrant that died I doubt there’d be multiple articles on the front page of google mourning their death

so shut your weird ass up

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Notice how North West never gets any shit for her hair or facial features because she’s biracial meanwhile Blue Ivy is like the most disrespected baby in Hollywood for the same reasons…she doesn’t have dark skin, but since she’s black, has coarse hair, and has broad facial features (which are distinctly black), you have GROWN ASS black, mixed-race, latina women shaming her while praising North West simultaneously. I hate this world.


soyul-mafia is a Latino male who stabs after K-pop celebrities meanwhile he’s so fucking anti-black LMFAOOO. This is why PoC solidarity is important because you have dumbasses like him.

he’s fucking disgusting, he also claims the Korean entertainment scene is being corrupted by American-promoted lesbianism so there’s that, and then he went on a rant against slut-shaming after a whole fucking post dedicated to how Beyonce can’t be a feminist because she ‘acts too slutty’ like this motherfucker is too dumb to live


the nyt’s obituaries for serial killers and mass murderers like timothy mcveigh and ted bundy are kinder than the obituary for mike brown

This is so fucking disrespectful when a black child is murdered and even his obituary has to accuse him of criminal behavior and they even had to comment on his community like it’s no wonder the people there are so sick of this shit when even a young man’s obituary is being used to indoctrinate white supremacist sentiment

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so I guess MTV did a vine of Chanel Iman arriving at the VMAs and thought she was Zendaya, had it tagged and everything

they also said Katy stealing Britney 2003’s dated-ass looks was the ‘Most Tumblr Outfit’ of the night so I’m just convinced MTV is like the old guy at college parties trying too hard to be cool

but much love to Common, and here’s praying Taylor Swift doesn’t wear a leotard - like, ever again