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Taylor Swift: R E D

I feel kinda silly saying this, but I love fashion because I believe that there are few things in this world more empowering than the right outfit.   after all, there is nothing sexier than feeling comfortable in your own skin, and what are clothes if not a second skin?   a skin that you can customize and fit to your every whim, a skin that lets your imagination really run wild.   and when it works, there’s no feeling quite like it - wearing that perfect outfit for that perfect occasion: there are few things in this world that can make me feel truly unstoppable, but that is one of them.   it’s an amazing confidence-booster, and that’s why we build all our outfits around a color scheme; what you wear isn’t designed to hide your flaws, it’s designed to enhance your silhouette and play to the strengths of your figure, and the best and simplest way to draw strict attention to these ‘enhancements’ is - of course - to find a color that ‘pops’.

that’s why I made this Photoshop set.   I wanted to really illustrate how powerful a simple, bold primary color can be when applied liberally to whatever you may decide to wear.   by enhancing the vibrancy of the red hues (as well as almost tripling the saturation), and de-saturating the rest of the image, sharpening it up a bit, and adding a little light cross-hatching for aesthetics, it gives a high-contrast example of a proper color scheme for bold outfits such as these, while still remaining easy on the eyes.